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522: Online Faculty Professional Development

June 21, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

As online education continues to grow, it is increasingly necessary that faculty members are trained in the appropriate instructional practices. Adjunct faculty, with their diverse skills and backgrounds, comprise the fastest-growing group of higher education employees. McDaniel & Shaw (2010) emphasize the importance of a focus on evaluating teacher performance and determining if instructors are […]


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522: Shifting Toward Best Practices in Online Learning

June 14, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

Utah Senate Bill 65 was recently passed, which establishes a statewide online education network, where students can earn credits from different schools. As a result, our attention has shifted toward fully online courses and how we can implement them, and how we can improve our existing hybrid courses. There are a good number of teachers […]


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Improving Our Self-Directed Professional Development in Moodle

October 19, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

Moodle has become the primary vehicle of our online learning opportunities. Our Inservice portal was moved off the outdated Moodle server to the newer one that is currently used by teachers and students as an online classroom management tool. The district will be piloting its first entirely online course for K-12 students in the near […]


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505: Evaluating Online Professional Development

September 7, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

I’ve been musing over how to revise the online professional development offerings in our district for awhile. Our district is getting close to the point where we can start implementing changes that ensure meaningful learning. I’ve been studying different aspects of evaluations, namely the basics of how to conduct them and collect data. A goal-based […]


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501: Three Articles on Professional Development Models

March 18, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

I evaluated a few different professional development models. Even though the district does a lot to train faculty and staff, there’s still a lot of improvement we can make to our district’s professional development opportunities. We could also gather better statistics on the effectiveness of our existing professional development. There are four main venues of […]


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