522: Five Challenges to Online Education

July 12, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

We are gearing up to launch Weber Online, our school district’s new web site for fully online courses. We’ve been using Moodle as a hybrid learning environment in our junior and high schools for a few years now, and the online courses will use the same system. With the assistance of a counselor, Weber School […]


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522: Shifting Toward Best Practices in Online Learning

June 14, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

Utah Senate Bill 65 was recently passed, which establishes a statewide online education network, where students can earn credits from different schools. As a result, our attention has shifted toward fully online courses and how we can implement them, and how we can improve our existing hybrid courses. There are a good number of teachers […]


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505: Evaluation of Moodle as an Online Classroom Management System

December 10, 2010 Justin 1.4: Learner Characteristics

I’ve finished an evaluation of how our district uses Moodle, and areas where we can improve. You can read the report below. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing some follow-ups to this evaluation. Addendums, if you will. I was originally planning to supply personal assessments of each participating online course in the initial […]


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505: Update on the Moodle Survey

November 24, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

Last week I invited all our Moodle-using teachers and students to take a survey about their usage of Moodle as an online course management system and supplement to in-class instruction. The response has been great. So far (as of November 23, 9:30pm), 652 students and 17 teachers have participated. The survey was supposed to close […]


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505: Plans for an Evaluation of Weber’s Moodle System

November 5, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

I’m conducting an evaluation of WSD Online, our district’s Moodle system. Right now, we use this as our online classroom management tool. We’re just barely piloting fully-online courses, but that’s not what I’m evaluating. Right now more than a few of our teachers use Moodle as a supplement to their in-class teaching. I’ve decided to […]


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Improving Our Self-Directed Professional Development in Moodle

October 19, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

Moodle has become the primary vehicle of our online learning opportunities. Our Inservice portal was moved off the outdated Moodle server to the newer one that is currently used by teachers and students as an online classroom management tool. The district will be piloting its first entirely online course for K-12 students in the near […]


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Turning Students Into Teachers with Moodle

October 15, 2008 Justin Miscellaneous

I’ve noticed a few differences in how our teachers and students use Moodle. The details may vary, but in general a teacher will log in, maybe upload a PowerPoint document, and if they’re adventurous they’ll set up an online quiz, and possibly a forum. A student, on the other hand, logs in, and explores everything. […]


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