531: VWBPE Conference 2011

September 13, 2011 Justin Uncategorized


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531: Mort in Space

September 5, 2011 Justin Uncategorized

The following is a digital storytelling activity completed for EDTECH 531: Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds. It was created using my avatar, Mortimer Mavinelli, in Second Life.


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531: A Glog About Virtual Worlds

March 24, 2011 Justin 2.1: Print Technologies



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531: Reflections on Immersive Virtual Learning

March 8, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

Bartle (2004) demonstrated that players often can pose unreasonable demands upon the design of virtual worlds, or sometimes design changes can create unintended and undesirable consequences among the players. In educational virtual worlds, formative evaluation should occur regularly and frequently to assess the learning potential of the current system state. One of the foremost benefits […]


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531: Virtual Ability

February 9, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

When we talk about teaching in virtual worlds, we’re not just talking about an extension of classroom practices in a virtual setting, but adopting a completely different paradigm and approach to instruction. One important consideration that can’t be overlooked is how the students react in the virtual setting; the teacher must be aware of and […]


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531: Geo Quest

February 1, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

Here’s a simple “culture quest” for Geo Island, a region in Second Life dedicated to the study of geology. Interactive models, slideshows, and informational posters are available to guide students through topics relevant to earth science study. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Geo Island/140/62/504/ Begin your journey by heading north. Read all the posters you see. What are silicates? What […]


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531: Social Presence and Immersive Environments

January 24, 2011 Justin Miscellaneous

Virtual worlds are considered immersive environments, and as such, it’s not unexpected that the element of social presence plays a rather important role. Virtual worlds have an advantage over traditional forms of distance learning in this area, since the avatar is represented by many of the familiar visual and social cues humans are used to. […]


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