501: Reflections on Learning

May 7, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

For those who don’t know, I enrolled in the Masters of Educational Technology program at Boise State last January. The program is all online, and I first heard about it from a recent alumnus in my Twitter network. If you’re looking for a good ed tech grad school, I highly recommend it. Yes, I know […]


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501: The Case for Ed Tech

May 6, 2010 Justin 3.2: Diffusion of Innovations

“I can’t believe you let students access the Internet without even talking to us parents about it. I don’t see why they need to be online. We didn’t have these things when we were in school and we got a good education. Kids are just wasting their time online on websites like Myspace and schools […]


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501: Review of “Learning Online with Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds”

April 25, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

Learning Online with Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds: Strategies for Online Instruction is a book by Clark Aldrich, an educational game consultant, which explains the benefits of different types of games, and contains suggested models for instruction. It is intended mainly for teachers and curriculum designers, but could also function as a good introduction to […]


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501: Technology Use Planning Presentation

April 20, 2010 Justin 4.1: Project Management

Below are some presentation slides I coauthored with two of my classmates. The topic is designing a Technology Use Plan.


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501: Three Articles on Professional Development Models

March 18, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

I evaluated a few different professional development models. Even though the district does a lot to train faculty and staff, there’s still a lot of improvement we can make to our district’s professional development opportunities. We could also gather better statistics on the effectiveness of our existing professional development. There are four main venues of […]


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501: Some Articles About Technology in Education

March 10, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

Jackson, A., Gaudet, L., McDaniel, L., & Brammer, D. (2009). Curriculum Integration: The use of technology to support learning. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 6(7), 71-78. This article addresses the benefits of technology in education from the perspective of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which states that there are different realms of learning, […]


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501: Exploring Some Technology Trends

February 16, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

Reading through the 2010 Horizon Report, I learned about a few things I wasn’t too familiar with. I first heard about augmented reality a couple years ago from this article in THE Journal: http://thejournal.com/articles/2008/02/01/when-worlds-collide-an-augmented-reality-check.aspx. The idea of encouraging students to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world simulation really struck a chord with me, but I […]


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501: Letter Regarding the Digital Divide

February 6, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

As an exercise in my EDTECH 501 class, I wrote a fictional letter to my city’s mayor about the issue of digital inequality. My proposals might be a little overly ambitious, but this was a good exercise nonetheless. I did actually have a minor familiarity with the digital divide and digital inequality. Digital inequality is […]


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501: My First Memory of an Educational Technology: BASIC on an Apple II computer

February 1, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

My first memory of an educational technology was using the BASIC programming language in first grade. There were only a few Apple IIe machines, and the nearest ones were in the next classroom, so the teacher sent us over in groups of 5 or 6 at a time to work on the project. I even […]


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