DigiKnow Prezi

September 28, 2011 Justin 2.2: Audiovisual Technologies


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BrainBlast 2010 Survey Results

November 18, 2010 Justin 5.3: Formative and Summative Evaluation

In the first week of August 2010 we wrapped up our 4th annual BrainBlast conference. It was quite a success. After 4 years, things tend to run a lot smoother at BrainBlast than they used to. According to most of the participants, the training was great, the keynote speakers were outstanding, and the food from […]


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505: Evaluating BrainBlast

September 14, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

I’m getting close to wrapping up my reading of a rather interesting and insightful book: The ABCs of Evaluation (Boulmetis & Dutwin, 2005). It’s been an eye-opener for me, and has caused me to rethink how a lot of our professional development programs are evaluated. I’ve been writing a report about the survey results we […]


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