Standard 4: Management

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November 8, 2011 Justin 4.4: Information Management



505: Evaluation of Determining Instructional Purposes

September 24, 2011 Justin 4.1: Project Management


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503: Technical Survey of Blog and Wiki Usage

September 5, 2011 Justin 4.3: Delivery System Management


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522: Creating a Social Bookmarking Network with Diigo

September 5, 2011 Justin 4.3: Delivery System Management


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501: Technology Use Planning Presentation

April 20, 2010 Justin 4.1: Project Management

Below are some presentation slides I coauthored with two of my classmates. The topic is designing a Technology Use Plan.


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503: Blog and Wiki Usage

March 30, 2010 Justin 4.3: Delivery System Management

I just finished my first instructional design project. This was a challenging but personally rewarding assignment. I will admit that actually creating a context analysis, learner analysis, task analysis, survey, and assessments provides a lot more insight into how all the aspects of instructional design fit together, than just reading about it in a long-winded […]


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The Thin Client Advantage

February 6, 2008 Justin 4.2: Resource Management

If you’ve never heard of thin clients, maybe this analogy will help. Let’s say you have 5 computers in your house. One day, you decide to yank out all the hardware from each computer. Disk drives, RAM, and processors go flying. Then you stuff all the collected hardware into a single empty computer, to make […]


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