3.2: Diffusion of Innovations

Correspondence with Quest Academy

September 24, 2011 Justin 3.2: Diffusion of Innovations

I’ve adjusted the following emails slightly to flow better as a standalone document, and I’ve removed irrelevant parts of the narratives and adjusted some grammar, but the pertinent content is reproduced verbatim. ————— From: {Quest’s Technology Coach} To: Justin Reeve Sent: 8/12/2011 Was it a lot of money to get all of Weber School District […]



501: The Case for Ed Tech

May 6, 2010 Justin 3.2: Diffusion of Innovations

“I can’t believe you let students access the Internet without even talking to us parents about it. I don’t see why they need to be online. We didn’t have these things when we were in school and we got a good education. Kids are just wasting their time online on websites like Myspace and schools […]


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