Standard 2: Development

DigiKnow Prezi

September 28, 2011 Justin 2.2: Audiovisual Technologies


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September 24, 2011 Justin 2.3: Computer-Based Technologies



506: Establishing Your Professional Learning Network

September 12, 2011 Justin 1.2: Message Design

I created an online course for my EDTECH 506: Instructional Message Design class. Participants learn about how to use Web 2.0 tools to engage other educators and develop a network of professionals in their field of study. I’m dealing with some technical issues right now. Currently, the system asks for a username and password, and […]


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502: Virtual Tour of British Castles

September 4, 2011 Justin 2.4: Integrated Technologies


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531: A Glog About Virtual Worlds

March 24, 2011 Justin 2.1: Print Technologies


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504: Educational Technology and Learning

June 24, 2010 Justin 2.2: Audiovisual Technologies

A presentation about the relationship between educational technology and learning.


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503: Instructional Design Presentation

March 17, 2010 Justin 2.2: Audiovisual Technologies

Below is a presentation I created about some of my instructional design readings.


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