Standard 1: Design

503: Facing Facebook Survey

September 22, 2011 Justin 1.4: Learner Characteristics



532: Barbarian Invasion Simulation

September 13, 2011 Justin 1.3: Instructional Strategies

Rules of the Game Form up to 4 groups. All prims must be physical. This is essential, because otherwise the collision detection won’t work, and the barbarians will pass right through. No prim can be larger than 2m x 2m x 2m. Plan on stacking your objects. Be aware that the barbarians will try to […]


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506: Establishing Your Professional Learning Network

September 12, 2011 Justin 1.2: Message Design

I created an online course for my EDTECH 506: Instructional Message Design class. Participants learn about how to use Web 2.0 tools to engage other educators and develop a network of professionals in their field of study. I’m dealing with some technical issues right now. Currently, the system asks for a username and password, and […]


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505: Evaluation of Moodle as an Online Classroom Management System

December 10, 2010 Justin 1.4: Learner Characteristics

I’ve finished an evaluation of how our district uses Moodle, and areas where we can improve. You can read the report below. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing some follow-ups to this evaluation. Addendums, if you will. I was originally planning to supply personal assessments of each participating online course in the initial […]


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503: Digital Parent: Facing Facebook

May 24, 2010 Justin 1.1: Instructional Systems Design

A few months ago, I co-founded a project called Digital Parent with a few other educators across North America. The goal of Digital Parent is to deliver technology workshops for parents. The basic idea is to help parents better understand technology, and provide training that will benefit them as they seek to understand the benefits […]


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