July, 2010

504: Virtual Worlds and Game-Based Learning Activities

July 26, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

This past week I was wrapping up a draft of a synthesis paper about constructivist learning theory and its application to educational simulations and virtual worlds. I imagine there’s nothing new about wide-eyed educational technology students wanting an excuse to study games in school. It’s a pretty hot topic in education right now. As for […]


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504: Learning Styles and Constructionism

July 19, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

Do your students have different learning styles? Many teachers have probably heard by now that some students are “visual” learners, others “auditory,” and the rest “kinesthetic.” Or perhaps you’ve heard that some people are “left-brained” which makes them creative, while others are “right-brained” which makes them analytical. I’ll admit, I’m not sure I ever accepted […]


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504: Reflections on Constructivism

July 12, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

Technology-based learning has changed rapidly in the last several years. In the 21st century, Internet access has penetrated every major city, and brought degrees of collaboration and communication that 20 years ago would have been impossible. Our civilization has been transformed into a networked world. During this time, when technology is growing by leaps and […]


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When is Educational Technology Appropriate?

July 6, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

The appropriateness of educational technology must be carefully evaluated upon its selection. The simplest solution that meets all the learning criteria is usually the best. Some technologies may not always be the best or most appropriate solution for certain situations. For example, a teacher sharing class updates may find a blog is a more appropriate […]


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504: How Complex Is Your Learning Environment?

July 5, 2010 Justin Miscellaneous

In one study, it was shown that rats who grow up in complex environments acquired an increased capacity to learn (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 1999). A “complex environment” involves different tasks to perform at frequent intervals, new situations presented every day, and ultimately a rich set of experiences from which to draw information. Compared to […]


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