March, 2010

503: Blog and Wiki Usage

March 30, 2010 Justin 4.3: Delivery System Management

I just finished my first instructional design project. This was a challenging but personally rewarding assignment. I will admit that actually creating a context analysis, learner analysis, task analysis, survey, and assessments provides a lot more insight into how all the aspects of instructional design fit together, than just reading about it in a long-winded […]


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501: Three Articles on Professional Development Models

March 18, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

I evaluated a few different professional development models. Even though the district does a lot to train faculty and staff, there’s still a lot of improvement we can make to our district’s professional development opportunities. We could also gather better statistics on the effectiveness of our existing professional development. There are four main venues of […]


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503: Instructional Design Presentation

March 17, 2010 Justin 2.2: Audiovisual Technologies

Below is a presentation I created about some of my instructional design readings.


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501: Some Articles About Technology in Education

March 10, 2010 Justin Uncategorized

Jackson, A., Gaudet, L., McDaniel, L., & Brammer, D. (2009). Curriculum Integration: The use of technology to support learning. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 6(7), 71-78. This article addresses the benefits of technology in education from the perspective of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which states that there are different realms of learning, […]


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